New England Student Scrabble® Championship
held at Rindge and Latin High School in Cambridge, MA
April 27, 2002

View the Names of the Winners and the Full Standings of all Schools here

Many additional photographs are available at Tournament Director Sherrie Saint John's website.

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Coaches and families view the games from above.

Students from Hudson schools.

Aaron and Cokie of the Graham & Parks team from Cambridge.

The Linden team from Malden.

Director Sherrie and co-director Gregg relax at the end.

Spectators using binoculars to watch the games.

The BB&N team from Cambridge.

The Fort River team.

The Longfellow team and BB&N with the final board at table one. Both schools are from Cambridge.

The Hilldale team faces Runkle in game 5.

The Runkle and York teams show their board - note the BACTERIA play made by York.

Yvonne of the NSA with Sherrie and Gregg announcing the prizes.

The BB&N team with coach Mark Fidler win first place with a 5-0 record.

The Hartland team from Vermont, with coach Robinson, take third place with a 4-1 record.

The Runkle team from Brookline with coach Ben Loiterstein. Runkle won 2nd place with a 5-0 record.

The volunteer crew in front of the results boards.

Runkle's final score card.

Jon from the Pollard school in Needham, MA.

Alex and Jeremy of the Runkle team with coach.

Luna Greenwood with one of her teams from Hudson.

Anh and Ryan from the Forest Park team.

The Kuss school's team.

The Farley school's team from Hudson.

The Hartland team hears they won third place.

Sophie and Philip from the Longfellow school in Cambridge. They were in 2nd place going into the final round.

Jacob and Brian from the Brown school in Connecticut.

Leland of the winning BB&N team is interviewed for a documentary.

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