Ben's Scrabble Game Boards from the Cape Cod 2002 Tournament 
[photo of game five (win vs. Gregg, 468-343) is not available]

Ben finished in 2nd place with a 8-4 +692 record and missed 1st place by just 12 cumulative spread points -
the equivalent of just 1 more point per game!

Pairs Game

A game from the Friday evening pairs tournament - playing with Gregg Foster, we won with a 3-0 record.

Game 1

Win vs Gina, 484 - 309

Bingos: Natures, Acoustic

Game 2

Win vs Annette, 368-351

Bingos: Retakes

Game 3

Win vs Gerri, 394-387

Bingos: Dulcimer, Mossiest

Game 4

Loss vs Ellen, 319-350

Bingos: none

Game 6

Loss vs. Tom D., 394-411

Bingos: Quietest

Game 7

Loss vs Mark, 342-358

Bingos: Okaying on 1st play and found bingos in the next three racks but they did not play on the board. Alphabetized racks are: adelour, aeerrus, and adeiors

Game 8

Win vs Steve M, 396 - 351

Bingos: Radians

Game 9

Win vs Jacob, 439-267

Bingos: Dragons, Relation

Game 10

Win vs John B, 523-399

Bingos: Erasion, Unforged

Game 11

Loss vs Gina, 396-371

Bingos: Detained

Game 12

Win vs Helena, 410-294

Bingos: Fetials

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